Troubleshooting / FAQ


I cannot find the plugin in my DAW

Here are some things you can try:

If you are using Reason keep in mind that older versions of that DAW do not support VST3 plugins which means that it will not load my plugins.

Can I use the plugin in ProTools?

No, my plugins are not available in the AAX format used by ProTools.

How can I update to the latest version?

You can find the latest version for all my projects on my itch page.

If you paid for a plugin then you should be able to use the download link in the email you received after the payment. If you have trouble finding that, you can go here to regain access.

How can I get notified about news and updates?

There are a couple of options for this. If you only want a single one then the newsletter might be the best choice.

The plugin window is all black, not showing the plugin UI

This seems to affect some systems running Windows. Use gpu-z to check if your system supports OpenGL 3.3 (or newer) required by the plugin. You can also try updating your graphics driver.

Reporting bugs

First, it is a good idea to make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin. If you are lucky the issue is already fixed in the latest version.

If you found a bug please send me and email and include the following information. These details help a lot to diagnose and fix bugs quickly!


Still have questions?

Send me an email!